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About Us

bodyberries, founded in 2012, is all about the incredible, miraculous power of the human body. Our philosophy is simple – we want your body to excel. We want you to look better, feel better and prevent disease. How do we do this? By sticking to our core principles: Knowledge: We have it and we give it to you. We help your body to protect, repair and regenerate itself. Purity: Our bodyberries products are all-natural and organic – packed with powerful vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts. Potency: Our bodyberries products are a whole-food, high-potency combination of essential elements, specifically formulated to help you reach and maintain peak performance of your different bodily systems. Fun: Our products are self-explanatory, easy to take on the go and make you feel great! We don’t do bitter, hard-to-swallow pills. Be smart, be fit, be happy! We want you to love your life!


The founder of bodyberriesDr. Isabella Tausz, is a medical doctor residency trained and German Board certified in Family Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine and U.S. Board certified in Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Her goal is to help everyone achieve the optimal balance with their body’s biochemistry – for optimum health. Working as a family doctor since 1994, Dr. Isabella experienced the importance of treating underlying causes, instead of just symptoms. She realized that most of her patients’ health problems (such as fatigue, weight gain, mood disorders, hair loss, recurrent infections, insomnia, irritability, PMS, PCOS, osteoporosis etc.) were due to an imbalance in their body’s biochemistry. “You can take an aspirin for a headache but there is no ‘quick-fix pill’ for overall health. It requires education and lifelong commitment to be able to treat all the diverse, interacting systems in our body with respect. But health is our only real asset and it’s worth it! It allows us to live a long, healthy, active, joyful life. With all organs functioning at peak performance, we look better, feel better and prevent disease. This is the kind of Medicine I enjoy practicing.” Hungarian born, German schooled and World inspired, Dr. Isabella currently lives and works in Dubai. She founded bodyberries to share with you powerful information about the human body and to help you replace missing elements, enabling all systems in your body to reach their peak performance, optimizing your health. Any questions? Email: isabella@bodyberries.com


“Back in 2009, I was constantly suffering from viral infections and general fatigue. After months of trying to “fix” my body and seeing a string of practioners I met Dr. Isabella who – thanks to her listening skills and determination to find the cause of the problem – was key in helping diagnose a stage-1 breast cancer and most probably saved my life. After a successful treatment and 3 years on, I regularly consult with Dr. Isabella, not to treat illnesses or infections, but to prevent them through a combination of diet, natural supplements, and life style choices. I have not had a single infection since then and have never felt so great and energised.” ~ Laura, 37 – Dubai

“After years of struggling with hormone imbalance and excessive and continuous weight gain and visiting several doctors who diagnosed me with all sorts of conditions (except the right one), I finally got my proper diagnosis from dr. Isabella. The thorough tests she ordered and her insistance on treating the cause and not the symptoms, allowed us to uncover my Estrogen Dominance, Growth Hormone Deficiency and Insulin Resistance. I am now finally empowered to take full control of my body.” ~ Suzette, 42 – Dubai

“I am a much healthier and happier person than even just a year ago thanks to the medical insights of Dr. Isabella. She has established exactly what my body requires in terms of nutrition and supplements and I feel so much more alive!” ~ Tom, 44, London

“Since I have known Dr Isabella, it is clear to see that she has a passion and enthusiasm for her work which results in 100% focus on improving patient health. She gives quality time to informing patients and this enables them to fully understand their health and ways to improve it, resulting in a greater commitment from the patient!!! Having struggled with illness, including obesity, for many years and to be given a second chance to improve the quality and length of my life, thank you just does not seem nearly enough!! All I can say is my life is on a very different path now and that is down to Isabella (10/10 and a gold star for you!!!)” ~ Louise, 39 – Dubai

“I am in a fantastic shape since I started with Dr. Isabella on my bioidentical hormone therapy and supplements. I am very pleased with my bodybuilding, my energy level and my feeling of well-being. I am grateful for your help. You are a star! Thanks Isabella!” ~ G.A., 44 – Italy

“I regained my health and am able maintain a sustainable lifestyle through natural and practical advice, a supplements regime and, of course, continuous support from Dr. Isabella. I have recommended Dr. Isabella to many of my friends – she is a great doctor :)”  ~ Maria, 32 – Dubai

“Having been on antidepressants for 4 years, suffering from side effects, but still not feeling ‘happy’, last year I finally met Dr. Isabella, who discovered the root of my problem. I had a deficiency in testosterone and serotonin! After replenishing my levels with the help of the supplements prescribed by her, I was able to stop my antidepressant medication and I am finally feeling GOOD!” ~ Marc, 37 – Dubai

“I’ve been feeling increasingly tired and irritable for a few years, but somehow accepted it and put it down to stress at work. That is, until I met Dr. Isabella. Turns out I had multiple deficiencies! Dr. Isabella explained to me how and why to eat well, what to do when I feel stressed and she put me on certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids. That made all the difference! Thank you!” ~ Alex, 35 – Dubai